Through A Child’s Eyes

Each day families all around the world struggle for food, clothing, and shelter. Each day a parent loses their job and with the loss of a job, usually the loss of their home follows. We work hard to make ends meet, rob Peter to pay Paul, struggle to care for our children but the truth is, the vast majority is just one pay check away from poverty. And while as adults we suffer, those who suffer the most are our children.

When Wicca told me that Sienna and Shelby were putting together an event for K.I.D.S. (Kids In Distressed Situations), I was thrilled. And even more so to know that Wicca’s Wardrobe would be participating. This is a fundraiser that is so close to my heart.  To me, when it comes to helping children, there’s nothing to do but dive in head first and run with it. K.I.D.S. provides clothing, shoes, toys, baby items, and books to needy families. These things may seem like nothing, but to a child in poverty, they’re everything. It’s truly amazing to see how a new pair of shoes or a book can boost self esteem. So please, won’t you help?  Fashion For K.I.D.S. is a week long event beginning April 14th and ending April 24th to raise money for K.I.D.S.  Each participating designer will have an item(s) with the proceeds from each sale going towards this amazing organization.  For more information about K.I.D.S. and the work they do, please visit their website.

2 thoughts on “Through A Child’s Eyes

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