A Mad World

Today’s post isn’t going to be a fashion related post, so I apologize in advance for not giving you an eye full of looks from across the grid. These are things that have been on my mind a lot as of late and the opportunity arose to…vent a little bit.

For several months we have watched numerous changes in the world. Both in our real world as well as in our Second Life world. In some ways change is good and can help us to grow, learn, and broaden our horizons. But in other ways, not so good. I, as I’m sure you likely have, have sat back watching it all unfold around us with wide eyes and gaping jaw nearly dragging the ground. I cringe when I watch the news or read an article about the things going on in other countries. I often times want to scream at the representatives of my own city, state, and country. And in SL, I shake my head and sigh. Because of all of these things, I’ve been more pensive, more introspective as of late. And coming from an introvert, that’s a heck of a lot of thinking!

When I become this way, I generally log into real life and curl up with a book, or wander the artistic sims of Second Life, namely one of my favorite artists, Bryn Oh‘s, Immersiva. If you haven’t taken a look at Bryn’s artwork yet, you really are missing out. Sometimes I wish I could wriggle my way inside her brain and just sit for a while to see what she’s dreaming up. Bryn’s latest creation is “The Singularity of Kumiko“, a dark and dangerously unusual world. As I felt my way around in the dark, becoming more and more disoriented with each step, I couldn’t help but see the similarities in our own real world. And perhaps our second one, too. There is so much dissension and animosity that the air feels thick. Including the virtual air. So what do we do about it? I really don’t know. I wish there was a handbook somewhere with the answers. But for me? I’m going to try to stop worrying about possible ulterior motives, apologize more for my mistakes, forgive more the mistakes of others, hug a little tighter, and be thankful for each and every day I wake.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. It’s hump day! And if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs today, head over to Immersiva.


Started at the Bottom…

now I’m…wait.  Where am I, again?

I don’t know how many of you are following the Miss Virtual World 2014 pageant but just recently, Frolic Mills, CEO of the Miss Virtual World Organization, created a new page on facebook for the organization and began posting a little history.  The very first pageant was held in 2008, and as Frolic states, it was CRAZY!  As I read through the post, I was reminded of just how crazy that all was.  Do you remember how we all looked back then?  Suffice it to say, we weren’t the prettiest avatars, but we sure thought we were.  JCNY was a big deal back then too, any model getting started out was entering those contests in preparation for bigger and better things to come.

2008-2009 collage

Remember that deer caught in headlights look? Yeah..that was all the rage in 2008. Those awesome dresses though…Nicky Ree!
❤ her still!

2008 marked the beginning of modeling for me in SL.  I had been caught up in rp sims since coming to Second Life when one day, a girl named Lynn came to me and said “ya know, we need to work on your avi”.  At the time, I was hurt, mortified is probably more like it.  I mean, who wants to hear they have an ugly ol avatar?!  Little did she know she would open the door for me.  (Thank you Lynn where ever you are!!) Not long after that I was approached by someone working for DAB Designs Photography about modeling.  I sort of snickered at the thought at first.  Sure, everyone loves having pictures taken, but modeling?  Really?  I thought it was a joke!  No really, I did.  That is, until Daron Brandeis, CEO/Photographer of DAB, began pushing me to enter the Miss Virtual World pageant (then known as Miss SL Universe).  I’d had no training what so ever, never walked a runway or anything comparable to what most had done.  I had entered and excelled in a couple of JCNY contests, but that was the extent of my modeling.  But I entered, and to my surprise, made it through several rounds until one of the final phases.  I remember walking out onto that stage in my Nickee Ree gown and looking around me thinking that -everyone- there was so much prettier than I was.  And not only were they prettier, they were taller too!  I had to have been the shortest girl out there.  It was a super crazy, nerve racking contest, but oh so much fun.  I don’t regret it for one minute.  And that’s without even being a finalist!

collage 2009-2010

See, we started getting better about that scared look.

It’s nice to look back over the time we’ve spent in SL sometimes.  To reminisce about the people we’ve met, the things we’ve done, and the stories we’ve woven.  But especially fun to look at how much we’ve changed over the years.  I thought you might get a kick out of the changes with my avatar.

Collage 2011-2013

SO many changes, but I think I finally got it right. Maybe?

I hope you all have a really wonderful day today.  Take a moment, look through those old pictures you have stock piled in your inventory.  Reminisce, and maybe you’ll get a giggle out of your own changes too!


Coming to Terms

Too safe.  Too boring.  Too ordinary.  Too this.  Too that.  As a model in SL, I’m sure you’ve heard several renditions of the same thing at some point in your “career” at least once.  Think outside of the box.  Get out of your head.  Trust your gut.  Follow your instincts.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard those very comments.  But when does thinking outside of the box become a walking disaster?  There’s a fine line between exquisite creativity and hot mess.  We tear apart whatever modifiable piece of clothing we can,  mix and match. If we could use super glue or a hot glue gun in SL I’m sure we’d do that too.

It doesn’t stop with the creativity of your styling, it extends to posing.  I’m a big fan of huge dramatic poses with an evening gown.  But there are some gowns … well you just can’t pull that off properly.  We’re taught that how we style, how we pose isn’t supposed to be about us, but to show the clothing in its best light.  To me, that’s a no brainer.  So when I hear “too safe” when going too far outside of the box would take away from the styling, I tend to just shake my head.

LeeZu Mix and Match 10-22

Look of the day with LeeZu

So I’m curious, what’s your take on it?  Are you really playing it safe when you think more about the appearance of your styling, showing the designer and their clothing in the best light possible?  Or are you bang on and the nay sayers are just having a bad day?  Where do you draw your line?  Really, I’d like to hear from you on this one.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!  Thank you for taking a gander at my blog!

Head to Toe

  • [LeeZu!] DouceMon Jacket /snow
  • [LeeZu!] Mia Corset Dress /white (modified)
  • [LeeZu!] Miss Tre’s Tights /snow
  • [LeeZu!] Piccadilly Overknee Boots /snow
  • Hair – Lelutka Dulcina Hair
  • Makeup – Lovely Mi – Fall Ornamented for Cosmetic Fair
  • Finesmith Alfil ring
  • MG – Bangles – Damasc – Combo 2 – SILVER
  • MG – Necklace – Filigree Oval – Combo All – SILVER
  • MIAMAI_Barons top hat “albus refulgens” unisex
  • Pose from Wicca’s Wardrobe – Poses – Dark Indulgence Set
  • Runway built by me

Rejuvenation of the Senses

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year and the way a new life is breathed into us after a stifling summer.  The days are warm enough to enjoy the sunshine without breaking a sweat, and the nights are filled with just a hint of chill in the air.  And where I live, after just a few short hours of driving, you can see the trees in all of their brilliant autumn colors dotting the sky almost like filigree against the blue backdrop.  It’s just beautiful to me, this time of year.  And so refreshing.

Look of the day with LeeZu and Gizza

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Take a break from everything and enjoy the treasures of fall.

Head to Toe

Vegas Baby!

You remember me talking about my friend, Kyra Camel, owner and designer of Baboom Couture, don’t you?  Well if not, allow me to refresh your memory by introducing a not so new, but recent release from Baboom Couture, from the Zoe Glamour Collection, Vegas.  I love love the colors Kyra used in the texturing of this dress.  You can even see little pieces of Vegas throughout the print.  And what better place to do a photo of Zoe Vegas, than … well Vegas of course!

Baboom Vegas

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

The Look

  • Outfit – BABOOM-meshdress-Vegas
  • Shoes – [Gos] Grace Sandal – Bronze
  • Hair – Vanity Hair:Candice-Caffe
  • Makeup – [mock]Dalek Copper eShadow [eye only]
  • [mock]Smoothie LipColor [Fallow Umbrage]
  • [mock] Mile High Nude Too [eye/liner/lip]
  • Pose – Beautiful Motions Elion 5

A Smile Is…

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. -Tom Wilson

A Friday And A Smile

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Summer Days and Ice CreamHead to Toe

  • TRUTH HAIR Sadie – Browns
  • MIEL MEOW PEEPERS – candy gloss
  • /artilleri/ Vicky top *pink*
  • /artilleri/ 1st mate capris *white*
  • /artilleri/ fancy dice earrings
  • *rC – Bangled – Pink n Black – R
  • [mock]Smoothie LipColor [Smoked Falu Red]
  • [mock] Supersweet Shadow Two[Ai Shui]
  • -Entente- Rayon Shoes

The location is a must see, if you haven’t already visited.  It all starts with a smile, check it out here!