Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy

April 7th marked the beginning of the end to the month long course I’d been taking along with so many other aspiring models in a three day long set of classes with Frolic Mills. 105, as it was called, is a weekend filled with excitement, critique, butterflies, and the hope that what you bring to the table, your best, is enough to graduate.

On the first night of 105, Frolic asked us to help Quella Quan of the Associated SL Press with an article she was writing by answering the question ‘What did you learn in the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy?’. The following is my response to that very question.

At the beginning of this year, I stepped very lightly back into the modeling world after being away for almost three years. I’d entered a contest for fun with no real expectations of getting anywhere. When we received word of the finalists, I was completely shocked to find my name amongst some of SL’s elite. Those ladies I’d followed since my return, always checking their blogs and admiring the pictures of them in various shops around the grid. I also found that modeling in SL had completely changed since my last go ’round. And too, that I wanted more.

What I have learned during this past month of classes at Miss Virtual World Academy are invaluable lessons.

Never stop learning.
Stay true to yourself.
Always, always follow your gut.
Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
Friendship and support comes in all shapes and sizes and when you least expect it.

Two very special ladies to me, Wicca Merlin and Kay Fairey, had taught me to think outside the box and to look at a piece of jewelry or article of clothing as not only what it was made to be but so much more when I began my journey once again. But I found that I had slid back into my comfort zone as of late and played it safe during 105. I’m thankful for Frolic’s critique, as hard a pill as it was to swallow at times, because he forced me to use the things I’d been taught. In the end, I still wasn’t certain if I would graduate or not. But I could, without a doubt, say that I brought my best to the table and walk away with my head held high.

There were times, especially during 105, when I thought I was going to lose it and in fact, at one point, did. But people…fellow class mates…near strangers to me, stepped up with such enormous support and praise. It’s amazing how we all come together and find comfort and friendship in people we’d have otherwise never met. I treasure those moments and the friends I made immensely.

So in closing, would I do it again? Yes, I would. And I would suggest taking the classes to anyone with a desire to model in SL. I would also suggest to them however to have a clear idea of who they are, what they stand for, what they want out of their modeling career, where they hope to go with it, and stick to it. Don’t be afraid of change, a change is good some times. But never lose yourself in doing so.

Sazzy NIrpaw

To my family, friends, and mentors…WE DID IT! I couldn’t have graduated without your support. Thank you! Now it’s time to get to work!