Let Me See…

..beneath your beautiful.

As we grow older, some people we meet and situations we go through cause us to build walls around us disallowing those on the outside to see us truly for who and what we are. We walk around with beautiful shells; hiding, protecting ourselves from whatever wrong doing may be just around the corner. I’ve gotten really bad about doing that. It’s just safer that way. Right? Sure, sometimes it can be. Though in doing so, we miss out on so much. It’s really wonderful when someone comes along and sees your shell for what it really is then slowly, carefully, helps you to remove it piece by piece. We just have to be willing to allow it to happen.

Azul Rachel Limited

Ms. Mami Jewell, owner and designer of Azul, has been creating some seriously beautiful gowns for you ladies. Her latest release, Rachel, is everything a hopeless romantic dreams of with its combination of lace and satin, and choice of nine gorgeous colors. You have to be quick, if you want Rachel in Jade. There are only 100 of this scrumptious shade available.

The Look And Location

  • Gown – -AZUL- Rachel /Jade New
  • Shoes – [Gos] Grace Sandal – Bronze
  • Hair – Iconic Kels – Sold Out
  • Makeup – [mock]Dalek Copper eShadow
  • [mock] Tropica Makeover
  • [[LD]] Cosmetics: Earthy Shadows-Maple
  • Accessories – Chop Zuey DD Ring – Who’s Yo’ Daisy?
  • MG – Earrings – Khaleesi’s Temptation – Earrings
  • Location – Baja Norte

Vegas Baby!

You remember me talking about my friend, Kyra Camel, owner and designer of Baboom Couture, don’t you?  Well if not, allow me to refresh your memory by introducing a not so new, but recent release from Baboom Couture, from the Zoe Glamour Collection, Vegas.  I love love the colors Kyra used in the texturing of this dress.  You can even see little pieces of Vegas throughout the print.  And what better place to do a photo of Zoe Vegas, than … well Vegas of course!

Baboom Vegas

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

The Look

  • Outfit – BABOOM-meshdress-Vegas
  • Shoes – [Gos] Grace Sandal – Bronze
  • Hair – Vanity Hair:Candice-Caffe
  • Makeup – [mock]Dalek Copper eShadow [eye only]
  • [mock]Smoothie LipColor [Fallow Umbrage]
  • [mock] Mile High Nude Too [eye/liner/lip]
  • Pose – Beautiful Motions Elion 5

A Smile Is…

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. -Tom Wilson

A Friday And A Smile

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Summer Days and Ice CreamHead to Toe

  • TRUTH HAIR Sadie – Browns
  • MIEL MEOW PEEPERS – candy gloss
  • /artilleri/ Vicky top *pink*
  • /artilleri/ 1st mate capris *white*
  • /artilleri/ fancy dice earrings
  • *rC – Bangled – Pink n Black – R
  • [mock]Smoothie LipColor [Smoked Falu Red]
  • [mock] Supersweet Shadow Two[Ai Shui]
  • -Entente- Rayon Shoes

The location is a must see, if you haven’t already visited.  It all starts with a smile, check it out here!

Hello, Again. Hello.

Hello, again! It’s been a while! I’m likely telling on myself with the title of this post, but I believe it’s fitting. Don’t you?

It’s good to take a break and try new things sometimes. The world around you becomes much less chaotic and lack luster. We find the excitement that once drew us to our usual haunts, and often times are reminded of the reasons behind the why, when, where, and how.  We all experience it at times, that ho hum feeling.  Everything becomes routine and boring.  Don’t be afraid to step outside of your little corner of the world for a few minutes every once in a while, you may just find something, someone, or somewhere that brightens your outlook, ignites excitement, or lends a fresh perspective to an old idea.

Gizza Lady Like New Release A

I’ve missed you all very much! So I’m back and hopefully better than before. This time around, I’ll be sharing some of the great places within SL that I’ve found as well as, what I consider, some of the hottest threads on the grid. So let’s get busy, shall we?  Gizza’s summer line is off with a bang!  Since hanging up my designer hat, I’ve spent more time venturing into some of my favorite shops to see what they’ve been up to and I was pleasantly surprised to have spotted the Lady Like collection.  I am simply in love with the color palette Giz used on both the Ruffle Dress and the Jumpsuit.  Whether you like pretty pastels, bold prints, or bright splashes of color, the Lady Like collection has something for you.

Gizza Lady Like New Release B

Summer is here folks, so if you didn’t do it during the Spring, take time to gain a second wind.  Explore, be it your real life or second life.  Allow yourself the time to soak up all the colors of our world, whether at the beach, on a camping trip, or even in your back yard.  Is that rose growing in your garden really red, or are there numerous shades and tones of red within one fragile petal? Rejuvenate and remember to breathe.  You may just find that lost glimmer in the things you do.

The Look

Photo One

Photo Two